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101 Dalmatians
 The Series is based on Disney's famous animated movie 101 Dalmatians. There's always lots of fun with 101 Dalmatian puppies as they grow and play. This series focuses on the life of three main Dalmatians as they cope with their new life on the farm, as well as their chicken friend and various other characters. Cruella DeVil wants to steal the farm that the Dearly's live on, in which they are the owners of the Dalmatians.
Main Characters

Lucky: Lucky is the leader of the four main pups. He's very adventurous and always seems to be full of energy, but his addiction to the action he watches on TV has made him a little too adventurous and he's usually the one at fault when the pups get into trouble.

Cadpig: The little hippie of the small group and also the runt of the litter (hence the name). Cadpig always likes to see the world in a very peaceful way. She often uses metaphysical metaphors as words of wisdom to her friends. She may seem like she's happy all the time, but you won't like her when she's angry.

Rolly: This plump puppy has the biggest appetite of all the pups. Food is his biggest desire, and he more often thinks with his stomach instead of his brain. Still, he's Lucky's best friend, and among the four main pups, he has the best sense of smell and a lot of knowledge when it comes to the quality of dog food.

Spot: Spot is just a chicken with a poorly-built body. She has always longed to be a dalmatian puppy. She always hangs out with the pups to have fun. Whenever the pups go on an adventure, she's usually there with them. She'll worry about just about anything (especially trouble).

Cruella DeVil: An evil fashion designer who lives at a mansion next door to Dearly Farm. She'll do anything to get the land that the farm is on, as long as the puppies don't mess up her plans.
Other characters include Roger Dearly, Anita Dearly, Nanny, Pongo and Perdita, the Colonel, Danny, Sergeant Tibbs, Lt. Pug, Mooch, Scorch, an alligator name Steven, Vindella de Vil, and the entire de Vil family.

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