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Based on a true story from Japan, Hachiko Monogatari ハチ公物語 (literally "The Tale of Hachiko”) is a moving film about loyalty and the rare, invincible bonds that occasionally form almost instantaneously in the most unlikely places.

In the modern day, a class full of young students are giving oral presentations about personal heroes. A boy named Ronnie (Kevin DeCoste) stands up and begins to tell of 'Hachiko', his grand ... Read more »

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The first generation of household robot, a robot dog called Aibo, was designed and massed-produced by Sony in January 2001.

The excitement it generated was long-lasting. It is the first time we see a functional robot, even though a very simple one, that lives in households. A robotic companion is no longer in science fiction. The success of Aibo is a culminant point of artificial intelligence (and robotics, of course), and it provides more challenges for the future research of AI. The basic functions of Aibo requires a rule-based system, through which Aibo recognizes basic commands, recognizes th ... Read more »

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Maltese Dog