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This video presents how a dog can be very funny while they are with their owners..
please enjoy this this video.. n_n
hope it can make you laugh !!!! :)
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Tillman is  an English bulldog and he is almost 6 years old. He's named after Pat Tillman, the American hero. He keeps getting better and better. He can be seen ripping it in Venice beach, Los Angeles, California.

Tillman Can Also Skimboard!

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 Maggie’s story:

When Jesse and Arthur Treff got Maggie, a Jack Russell terrier as a puppy, "she was a challenge,” explains Jesse. "Between chewing and just everything a puppy can do, magnify that by 10 — that’s what a Jack Russell puppy does.”

In an attempt to curb Maggie’s misbehavior, the Treffs thought they’d try redi ... Read more »

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Meet Mishka
… a handsome 8-year-old Siberian Husky from the United States. But
Mishka is no ordinary dog. Far from it – this is a talking dog! Heck,
even better … Mishka is a talented singing Husky who puts most of
today’s pop artists to shame <Bieber>.

With help from the magical iPad and the La Di Da
application, Mishka the Talking Husky performs an auto-tuned canine
classic that’s sure to make more than a few b ... Read more »

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Maltese Dog